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Snippet Pad

I like to save code snippets, examples, and patterns to reference later.  My favourite app for this is SnippetsLab for Mac.  It’s elegant, full featured and performant.  The only features I’d suggest would be making snippets available across platforms (Mac, Window, Linux), and allowing users to organize snippets by tags instead of in a tree-structured […]

Nue Hues

Nue Hues is a small web app for generating and sharing variations of a given CSS gradient.  Sometimes when you create a gradient using a pair of colours, the midway point looks muddy or grey.  This app generates a few variants for a given pair of colours by using different functions in the ChromaJS library.  […]

Canadian Hockey League

For the Canadian Hockey League, I worked on two versions of a custom Content Management System (CMS), along with their public facing, high-traffic websites.  The earlier version of this CMS was build almost entirely in PHP and the Symfony high performance framework.  The later version used RESTful services written in Python, and coordinated with RabbitMQ.  […]


The Player’s Online Gambling Guide (The POGG) offers services such as casino auditing, reviews, and complaint mediation to help online players find reputable casinos.  For this site, I built a custom WordPress theme from provided Photoshop documents.  The theme features custom functionality and settings, including custom post types, custom queries, custom template pages, content based […]


I was hired by a team of graduate students at McMaster University for their Entrepreneurship program.  Their business idea was to build a networking platform to facilitate contracts between manufacturers and toolmakers. The site would allow businesses to make profile pages, post projects, bid on projects, and add geolocation data to find businesses in their […]

Learning Management System

I was hired to work on a Learning Management System (LMS) in React.  The frontend communicated with a Flask RESTful API.  It inspired me to learn Flask by building SnippetPad, an app for saving, tagging, and filtering code snippets. The custom LMS had features such as slideshows for students, quizzes, grading, building and scheduling classes, […]

Canadian Center for International Justice

I contributed to the CCIJ’s custom WordPress website, especially the Case Studies posts and list pages.  This involved creating a case-study custom post type and adding geographical coordinates as custom fields so each case could be tied to a location.  These coordinates were used to populate a Google map with pins for significant locations, and […]

Angela Unlimited

Angela Unlimited is the official website for life coach, Angela Wilson.  She wanted to use this site to share her blog, quotations, and upcoming events.  This is a flexible WordPress theme, allowing her to make changes to any pages or content she likes.  For this project, I made ‘event’ and ‘quotation’ custom post types, complete […]

Emergency Services Training

Emergency Services Training is a website for people interested in a career in law enforcement, correctional services, and many other careers requiring standardized aptitude or fitness testing. This site is mainly used to list upcoming training sessions and allow visitors to register for them.  It also promotes their fitness training app, and provides information on […]

Lara Stewart-Panko

Combat boredom, diminish worry, boost your confidence as a mother and pick up some powerful life skills! This innovative program is a comprehensive source of support drawing on Lara’s 20+ years working with mothers and their children. It’s designed with the realities of mothering taken into account and research-based information is interwoven with women’s wisdom. […]

Grand River Custom Jewellery

Grand River Custom Jewellery is custom jewellery at its best.  The website has a selection of beautiful items and ecommerce features so you can buy right there and have your purchase shipped to your doorstep. You can contact them for any kind of custom work: Can’t find exactly the right engagement ring?  Looking for a […]


The Gaming Affiliates Guide (GAFFG) is a site made in MeteorJS to provide information for gambling website affiliates.  The client provided a Photoshop document and I was tasked with building the UI in HTML, JavaScript and CSS to be integrated with the Meteor app. Visit GAFFG

Web Tools

I worked on proprietary tools for websites that involved letting users arrange parts of the page (ingested from a REST API) by dragging and dropping.  I also worked with Angular as part of a management system and a customized WordPress plugin for internal use.

Cast-Off Industrial Designs

Cast-Off Industrial Designs takes old and antique objects and makes them into hip, industrial works of art.  The company owner uses this site with built-in eCommerce to display and sell his pieces.  I worked with the owner to make sure this theme matched his company’s vibe. This is an original WordPress theme with a couple […]

Epic Math

Before I started my career as a developer, I taught math and computers as a college instructor. One of my students had trouble with keeping his attention on practicing math, so in my spare time, I made an iOS math game that focused on keeping the user’s attention. The game combined flash cards with Plinko: […]

Speed Sorting Challenge

This React demo is the result of a coding challenge. The challenge was to display all possible sequences of a defined number of marbles up to 5. The number of marbles is input by the user, then each combination is calculated and displayed.

Wikipedia on Pipboy

This project is just for fun.  It’s a Pipboy UI for browsing Wikipedia.  I made it with  basic HTML, CSS, SVG and vanilla JavaScript.  It still needs work, but right now you can click links and view pages on the Pipboy’s glorious monochrome screen.  I’ll probably clean up the formatting a bit more and add […]