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Nue Hues

Nue Hues is a small web app for generating and sharing variations of a given CSS gradient.  Sometimes when you create a gradient using a pair of colours, the midway point looks muddy or grey.  This app generates a few variants for a given pair of colours by using different functions in the ChromaJS library.  The ChromaJS gradients are each sampled at 3 additional points and given a user-input orientation to produce a new line of CSS code.

This example shows 2 gradients with matching start and end colours:

The midpoint in the original (top) has a washed-out look, while the LCH version (bottom) is more lively.

Webpack and plugins were used to save images as inline URLs, run JavaScript through Babel, compile SASS, and run the PostCSS Autoprefixer.

Visit Nue Hues here